Professional Buyer's Agent

Why you want BanCorp™ on your side:


When you are searching for an Orange County Buyer's Agent BanCorp Properties™ can represent you through our Premier (and separate operating) Division; Buyer's Agent Direct™ which represents buyer's only (never seller). This allows the home buyer to be represented by a South Orange County Real estate Agent without the possibility of conflict that might arise in a dual agency. You maintain full representation: which is one of the key and best benefits of professional buyer representation, eliminating the worry that you possibly could be being shown homes in which the agent also held the listing agreement, creating the potential for an undesirable dual agency.

A BanCorp REG South Orange County professional who specializes in home purchases exclusively is able to focus all of their attention, time and energy on homes that meet your key property characteristics, saving you a huge amount of time and frustration that can arise from long drives to undesirable properties that should not have been looked at in the first place. Since your local BanCorp South Orange County Realtor is representing you exclusively, they will quickly pre-screen homes for you, immediately disqualifying and eliminating those that they know don't meet your standards or requirements and those that you would rule out at first sight: making your home search smarter, faster and even entertaining – generating more opportunities - opening more doors and possibilities in finding your family's next dream home.



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