Your Broker not your Cheerleader:

We make things happen in the marketplace.

BanCorp Properties® adheres to the high Code of Ethics and Standards of Practices enforced by the National Association of Realtors® (locally with the Orange County Association of Realtors® or OCAR) resulting in increased professionalism and higher service levels by each and every one of our local Orange County real estate agents and internal support staff. Strong leadership combined with unwavering guiding values is the foundation for Truth in Real Estate. Through our Commitment to Service Excellence we guarantee to get it right. Orange County is one of the most complex and dynamic marketplaces in the United States and anything less than excellent will mean second place and this usually leads to an unsuccessful offer on a home or a less than optimum listing price on home. This is unacceptable to BanCorp and should be unacceptable to you as well.

A real estate transaction has many moving parts and there are many outside service providers, third-party vendors and contractors involved in the process leading to a successful close of escrow. As an experienced Orange County buyer’s agent specializing in the Southern California housing market we will lead our client’s from the front, handling problems and mishaps head-on instead of trying to navigated them or pretend they didn’t exist. When a BanCorp professional pulls you through the transaction versus pushing you through it, it simply means we are always one-step ahead instead of one-step behind. When we are working as your partner it means we are working for you as a true real estate agent and advocate - not your cheerleader rooting for your success from the sidelines. Your BanCorp REG™ South Orange County Realtor will help you find your dream home, submit all offer and counter offers, coordinate property inspections, escrow, title insurance and interface with all interested parties.



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