UBC Direct, Your Financing Source

We Make Home Loans Easier and Faster™

UBC Direct is BanCorp’s® lending division; it is an extension of Universal Bancorp, an Orange County wholesale mortgage banker. UBC Direct’s sole function is to ensure that BanCorp Realty’s® home buyers are securing the best home loans available, at the lowest possible interest rate, giving the buyer multiple mortgage options to choose from, while providing expert guidance and advice. This is all accomplished through the same spirit of easier and faster™ method of transaction that is practiced by BanCorp Realty®. UBC Direct’s ultimate goal is to deliver the loan to the home buyer in the quickest amount of time in the most convenient way possible, saving a family a whole lot of time and headache. We are able to perform these functions because we are really good at what we do; we have been making home loans to Orange County home owners since 1995 and our track record is time-tested and proven.

BanCorp Real Estate Group® completed a comprehensive survey of California real estate companies, big and small, and found that we count on one hand the number that offered in house pre-approvals and purchase-money financing. Why would a real estate agent refer a buyer to “so and so” or worst say “we’re ready to start looking for homes, you need to find a mortgage now.” BanCorp® can’t answer this question, but we certainly aren’t going to follow the status quo of the rest of the Southern California real estate industry. Easier and faster™ hinges on doing things for people to make real estate transactions less stressful - more convenient. BanCorp Realty® does this on the buying and selling side of the fence, UCB Direct takes care of it on the lending side. A client working with BanCorp will be speaking with real people, working behind real desks, sitting in a real office in Orange County – unless working with a faceless mortgage calculator that knows nothing about Mello Roos Taxes might seem preferable to you?

This can be a very challenging time to secure a home loan if you are not working with an experienced mortgage company as we are currently in a more regulatory environment than a lending one. The lender must be able to easily navigate through the quality control restrictions of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHA as well as be able to connect with subprime and private money lenders. BanCorp Realty® is already earning a commission which is being paid by the seller of the home; UBC Direct is not out to make a huge profit on the mortgage, this is why it is so advantageous for the buyer to utilize our services, we will always beat any other companies interest rate so it is obviously in our clients best interest and it is favorable for BanCorp® as we move must faster than other companies. UBC Direct makes the home loan process easier and faster, and far more efficient.


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