Disciplined Risk Taking:

Real Estate Audacity - A Better Way.


When a BanCorp Professional is managing the finest details of your home purchase transaction they are ultimately managing the final results of the sales price and future performance of your family's equity in the home. BanCorp Real Estate Group® knows that if we are leading or pulling our clients through the purchase instead of pushing them through it, we have earned their respect, trust and existing referrals and ultimate repeat business. Steamrolling straight through issues, circumstances and problems instead of trying to navigate around them or pretend they didn't exist.

BanCorp is willing to take calculated market risk and accept the corresponding corporate responsibility as a trade-off for positioning our client for a potential larger net gain and/or easier and faster transaction directly benefiting our client leading to short-term equity building to long-term wealth - we not only encourage, but underwrite audacious thinking from each and every one of our Real Estate Professionals. At BanCorp Properties we are able to make what seems impossible possible.

Using market-tested principals based on scarcity and urgency we are capable of persuasively conveying to the seller's agent the facts that you are: A pre-qualified buyer, we have presented a 'balanced offer' and you are able to close escrow in short period of time - and also quite willing to walk away if necessary. Except for the last part, you are the seller's dream buyer, and if this is truly your dream home, the seller is not going to let you slip away simply because you were slightly off their target price. With a seller it is usually not always about the money - speed and ability to execute combined with lack of contingency weigh heavily in the decision making process. Easier and faster™ real estate starts and finishes with innovative and imaginative BanCorp Real Estate Professionals. 



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