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Welcome to the historic city of San Juan Capistrano where the city is devoted to maintaining its rich cultural ancestry. The elegant San Juan Capistrano homes for sale are surrounded by a variety of artistic sites such as Los Rios Street, and the Blas Aguilar Adobe. The gorgeous San Juan Capistrano luxury real estate market has adopted the catchy slogan “Preserving the Past, to Enhance the Future”. The “Jewel of the Missions” is found in South Orange County, and the classy San Juan Capistrano view properties around Caspers Wilderness Park are positioned on the western coastal Santa Ana Mountains. Local San Juan Capistrano Realtors say that the Swallows Festival is a two-month long festival of the return of Cliff Swallows on March 19th each year. The enchanting San Juan Capistrano residential market is home to the Cultural Heritage Commission which sponsors the annual Historic Preservation Week Celebration.

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From early Spanish-style construction to trendy modern architecture and a blend of everything in between, the stylish San Juan Capistrano luxury homes for sale boast some of the foremost examples of Craftsman-style homes to be found anywhere in Orange County as well as an impressive display of early California Period Construction. San Juan Capistrano Real Estate Agents point out that subsequent extensions to the city of San Capistrano include the Marbella golf course community and Rancho Madrina, while the older established communities include Hunt Club, the Mission Area, Ortega Area, and Del Obispo Area. With a rich and storied history, the properties for sale in San Juan Capistrano continue to drive a large contingency of buyers. 

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Why People Love San Juan Capistrano

San Juan Capistrano coastal real estate: don't miss the San Juan Capistrano’s Annual Cliff Swallows migration and Swallows Day Parade that occur each March, or the local Organic Farmer's Market that meets each week in the middle of the city, close to the charming San Juan Capistrano custom homes for sale. The El Camino Real Play House is found in the San Juan Capistrano housing market, where you can select from a myriad of events with nearly 95 full scale dramatic productions including play writing festivals and Shakespeare Productions throughout the year. The intimate San Juan Capistrano condos offer a deluge of residential living preferences – as does the wide selection of unique and valuable San Juan Capistrano single-family-residences. The Spanish Revival is symbolic across grand San Juan Capistrano real estate and displayed in many of the contemporary homes for sale in San Juan Capistrano – you will also find a rich blend of multi-million dollar ocean-view properties in gated communities of the rolling hills and working ranches found in the San Juan Capistrano foothills.

The city of San Juan Capistrano is one of South Orange County’s most-revered living havens. Situated in the southern region of the county, this suburban retreat maintains a personality all its own. Multi-million dollar, custom-built properties dot the miles of rolling bluffs around the community, while the attractive city-lights view properties dominate the golf course and equestrian communities. The  residents of San Juan Capistrano profit from access to Capistrano Valley's Unified School District public school system which is routinely ranked as one of the most respected in the region. The lucky San Juan Capistrano home owners maintain a fierce loyalty to the legacy of the city, demonstrated through the many long-established parades and festivals held throughout the year. The attractive San Juan Capistrano properties are diverse but yet reflective of its ties to the city’s ancestry. Downtown San Juan Capistrano is located around the Mission San Juan with its famed retail/shopping/dining district with a handful of San Juan Capistrano condominium complexes scattered there.

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Numerous outstanding family-owned restaurants are all within walking distance of the family-friendly San Juan Capistrano neighborhoods, making the real estate in San Juan Capistrano located near the heart of the city a popular option. You will find semi-custom homes in San Juan Capistrano located in the southern region of the city, centrally located to be close to abundant job opportunities in the city's center. With such an ideal economic location, and award-winning school district, and convenient access via interstate-five to all of South Orange County’s most immaculate beaches via Pacific Coast Highway One, the luxuriant San Juan Capistrano, California homes for sale invites home buyers searching for a sanctuary away from urban living yet with all of the big city pleasures with a small town ambiance.

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Where is San Juan Capistrano Located?

The city of San Juan Capistrano is bisected by the Ortega Highway. If you were to drive on the five-freeway south away from community, this will take you towards San Clemente as you travel into San Diego. If you take it north, it will lead you into Los Angeles. If you drive on the Ortega Highway east, you will go through a meandering road that will drop you off around Lake Elsinore. The handsome San Juan Capistrano homes for sale are situated just west of the Ronald W. Casper’s Regional Wilderness Park, which is a massive 7,500+ acre park preserve with camping, nature walks, wildlife sightings and trails. San Juan Capistrano is stationed east, adjacent to the Dana Point State Marine Conservation Area, and the Laguna Beach State Marine Conservation Area.  

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Despite all of its trendy amenities and and modern conveniences, the values of the homes in the San Juan Capistrano market tend to be sell at a lower price than some it’s neighboring cities adjacent to the Ocean such as San Clemente and Dana Point. Considering its original architecture and exceptional quality of life, the one and two-story homes found in San Juan Capistrano are considered to be the best value for consequential real estate among the historically significant cities in Southern California. With so much diversity in the housing options, potential buyers can find the right sized property that meets their needs; emotionally, stylistically and financially. 

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The adorable San Juan Capistrano traditional homes are unmistakable, and range from as small as approximately 600 square feet to well over 7,500 square feet and lot sizes can eclipse five acres, however most are situated on much smaller land parcels. As with many downtown areas of the era, the San Juan Capistrano homes are primarily narrow and deep which allowed the properties in the downtown area to be built closer to the Mission. While this facilitated the early homeowners' ability to walk to the local banks, general stores, and post office at a time before automobiles became common, the landscape now works for residents looking to get away from our vehicle dependent lifestyles. 

Pleasant and super-mild weather during the winter, San Juan Capistrano real estate offers the freedom to live outdoors when other regions of the United States move indoors to sidestep the winter's freezing temperatures. Attired in a naturally-inspired palette, the exclusive San Juan Capistrano homes for sale are able to cling to their natural suburban/rural environs while capturing the essence of the construction, which is predominantly Spanish and Mediterranean-style. Situated next to the azure Pacific Ocean, the city is often called an “enchanted wellspring” that will kidnap your heart as you drive through the local "living districts". It is easy to see why when people get the chance to trade in the frantic pace of living of North County for the quieter confines of the local San Juan Capistrano community it inevitably leads to a more casual, stress-free way of life.

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Saturated in tradition, family-friendly and illuminated by its residents who wave as you drive by, the entrance into the San Juan Capistrano high-end real estate market declares the city’s multicultural and commemorated past. The housing market in San Juan Capistrano imparts a sense of permanence and legacy. There’s a huge difference between mass produced tract-homes and San Juan Capistrano custom-built homes, and a diverse collection of architectural styles are found in the community, which only goes to increasing the market values of the homes in the city.






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