Decision Making Simplified

BanCorp’s Guiding Values:

A well-defined code of ethics and business principals make the decision making process at each level of the organization easier and more uniform. A fundamental principal this company follows is to always ask if, when making any decision or answering any question, if this move causes us to tell a half-truth or hide the truth (which is a type of lying), or simply lie; if the answer is yes, we know what the decision is to be made and it is a very easy one!

Teamwork - We believe that with teamwork we can accomplish incredibly more than we ever could accomplish individually. To achieve our mission requires team unity, mutual understanding and a commitment to succeed together. We believe that it is a team effort focused on serving others not self which will allow us to remain resilient - excellent in all we do.

Purpose Driven - Our conduct has and always will be purpose-driven reflecting the core values the organization was founded on. We do not serve with the idea of self-promotion nor do we desire to maximize earnings at the expense of our clients or vendors. Our intention is to interact with all we serve in a manner consistent with the Golden Rule - The Real Golden Rule.

To Be a Model Corporate Citizen - To lead by example through professional, ethical and moral conduct and through continual support of each neighborhood and South Orange County community we serve in. We strive to epitomize integrity through a corporate culture of caring professionals, genuine and sincere, serving others as we would like to be served.

To Give Generously BanCorp REG through its non-profit group Consider Eternity (ConsiderEternity.Org) contributes a percentage of its gross earnings to its designated non-profit initiatives, including the Saddleback PEACE Initiative.

God - God is to be glorified: BanCorp Properties exists only by the grace and blessing of God and as a corporate entity seeking to display Christian behavior in all business dealings. Bancorp Real Estate Group® will be known as a high integrity, authentic organization from top-to-bottom.



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