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BanCorp shows up on the front pages vs. the back pages.


Excellent Realtors and high quality Orange County Real Estate Brokers always have a way of tracking each other down: as the saying goes, birds of the same feather flock together. The accomplished real estate companies consistently attract the best talent because they understand that if the Real Estate Professional is going to stay with the organization over an extended period of time, they must experience the Broker as believable, credible, and most importantly trustworthy. No Realtor wants to work for an average, ordinary or even boring company - they are interested in teaming up with an organization that has a bright and adventurous future to look forward to – not a cloudy and murky past to dwell on.


The most important decision a real estate professional can ever make to keep them focused and simplify their lives is to work for an innovative and imaginative broker and then surround themselves them with other top-notch high achieving talent. An exceptional Realtor may not know everything in the real estate industry, but if they have access to people within the organization that have decades and decades of real-world winning experience to assist them along the way, they can come close to having the majority of the answers that they need to have for a very demanding and sophisticated Orange County client. BanCorp Properties™ in its ongoing pursuit of easier and faster™ real estate for our clientele is determined to attract and retain the best Realtors in the South Orange County housing market. 

BanCorp REG™ is determined to make a difference in the Orange County marketplace, and the company’s leadership team understands that we cannot make a difference in a Realtor’s results by playing it safe and conforming to the rules and expectations of a rather ordinary Southern California real estate marketing model. If a company decides that they are going to accept the status quo of a rather boring marketing template – take the listing, put it on the MLS and then wait to see if offers come in for other agencies – they have made the conscious decision that they are not looking out for their Real Estate Professional’s best interests, and they have in essence become a stumbling block instead of a stepping stone for their Realtor’s careers. BanCorp is committed to not only service excellence through truth-in-real estate, but also to the further advancement of each every one of our real estate professional’s careers. 



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