Irvine Holding Company Mission Statement

"The Irvine Holding Company through its subsidiaries: BanCorp Real Estate Group®, UBC Direct Mortgage™ and Insight Escrow™, administers and provides superior real estate products and services. At surpassing levels we diligently strive to be the customer's first choice in the real estate marketplace. We will succeed by treating our clients, vendors, and the communities we serve exactly as we would wish to be treated, with common care, courtesy and respect. We will insure our stakeholder's stable participation the combined successes of our firm through preserving a company-wide atmosphere of excellence and integrity. Our achievements are realized through our commitment to one purpose driven resolve - Truth In Real Estate". 


Irvine Holding Company Purpose Statement

"To manage a superior real estate organization, enforcing integrated regulatory and industry compliance, executing safe and sound real estate: Fair Lending and Fair Housing practices achieved through internal and external Truth In Real Estate quality control. Providing superior financial services and by demonstrating fair and consistent treatment to all of our valued clients we serve, communities we serve in, and vendors who serve together."


BanCorp Real Estate Group® is a division of The Irvine Holding Company Copywrite© 1995 -2018. BanCorp Realty®, UBC Direct Mortgage™, Insight Escrow™ are Registered Trademarks of The Irvine Holding Company All Rights Reserved.