Creating Possibilities: Better Results

Why we Pull our Clients Instead of Push Them.


When a BanCorp professional is pulling our client through the transaction it means that we are always one step ahead of the competition making things happen in the marketplace – not one step behind wondering what happened.

When you first meet a local BanCorp Professional you will immediately feel a sense of leadership and direction and an experience of being pulled through the sales transaction instead of being pushed through it – a radical new approach to the existing real estate transaction process which is so prevalent in Orange County today (have YOU got financing for the home yet? Have YOU found a moving company yet?). When we are pulling our clientele through to a successful close of escrow we are always one-step ahead, anticipating how we can make the transaction go through smoother and quicker. BanCorp Properties addresses head-on any mishaps, pileups or any other calamity that might delay a timely sale: instead of attempting to navigate around, pretend they didn’t exist or hope they might disappear.

This is a new, better system designed to reduce, if not eliminate the stress and worry of our client by always providing them with answers and options to the obstacles that can jeopardize the sale of home. When BanCorp is able to create more options this leads to more possibilities leading to the ultimate goal of receiving multiple offers generating more value and better results. When an enterprising and dynamic BanCorp REG™ Professional with knowledge of all the local South Orange County communities is managing the finest details of the sale of your home you can be confident that the transaction will occur efficiently. When we follow a logical sequence of steps we are able to pull our clients through the process easier and faster™ (and smarter) than the other brokers and real estate companies in South Orange County.



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