Principles of Innovation

A Better Orange County Real Estate Broker:


BanCorp Properties™ will not bend to or adapt to the rather dull and ordinary expectations of the existing Orange County marketing model, nor will we be swayed by the opinion of our competition. Winners get criticized – it comes with the territory. If we are going to continue leading from the front we can expect to continue receiving shallow responses from average companies who are doing nothing to influence change in the Southern California housing market. While other companies are talking about what BanCorp is doing – BanCorp Properties is a business in action - affecting real positive change in the Orange County cities and communities we serve in. We are an organization that is making a difference in the marketplace, and a lot of people are talking about our company. Our clients are giving us accolades and applause while our competition is left grumbling and wondering.

BanCorp believes that we can’t secure our clientele excellent results – the results they are seeking – by playing it safe, afraid to take risks, and sitting on the sidelines and acting like a cheerleader instead of an advocate. We are willing to take calculated market risk and accept the corresponding corporate responsibility as a trade-off for positioning our client’s for a potential larger net gain and/or easier and faster™ transaction directly benefiting our client, creating short-term equity building to long-term wealth. We not only encourage, but underwrite aggressive thinking from each and every one of our real estate professionals. This is just one example of why BanCorp leads from the front in a very competitive Orange County real estate market.


It is amazing how fast other real estate companies will give up and throw in the towel at the first sign of danger or dilemma. When we come across a challenge or ‘bump in the road’ we will go right through it instead of trying to navigate around it, pretend it didn’t exist or hope it disappears. Two-decades of experience has taught us that it is much better to deal with circumstances and uncertainty head-on rather than put them off for a later date, they both have the potential to jeopardize or ruin a transaction. BanCorp knows that we are only as strong as our weakest link, and we have our weakest link covered. Because of this, we only employ and retain the most excellent talent in the industry. We have also committed, and will continue to invest the necessary resources to insure we maintain the most sophisticated, comprehensive leading-edge real estate databases in the industry.

By believing in the Principles of Innovation, BanCorp REG™ will not be swayed by the decreasing expectations of the existing Orange County real estate marketing model, and we are not afraid to try different approaches to putting a transaction together and step outside the box when it is in our client’s best interest. At BanCorp we are always doing things that we don’t know how to do so that we can learn how to do them.




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