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The Collins Island custom real estate market is located in the Balboa Island area of Newport Beach, CA - and is one of the most exclusive communities to live in all of Newport Beach. The Collins Island homes here are also has some of the most expensive in Newport Beach.  The density of homes is higher on this Island that it is in other areas of the city because, well it is an island! But the homes being close to each other gives it a close knit feel, a small town flavor, and the architecture here on this quaint Island is so good, when you are at your home you feel you are secluded, with all the privacy and security you would expect and need. The Newport Beach real estate market attracts local, national and international buyers. According to our local Collins Island Realtors all of the Collins Island homes for sale are perfectly situated to enjoy the full beauty of the coastal region of South Orange County.


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When we represent your family as a Collins Island buyer’s agent or a listing agent our local Newport Beach Real Estate Agents follow a logical sequence of steps to effectively manage all negotiations: generating the results our clients are seeking - easier and faster™ - and far more effectively than the nationally based agencies. Are you ready to list your Newport Beach custom coastal home?  BanCorp is able to sell your home quicker and at a more optimum price because we are a hybrid marketing machine, achieving the results our clients are seeking through disruptive-viral marketing which simply produces more captive and qualified buyers for your home.  

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Bancorp REG®has powerful information at its fingertips and this real-time market data combined with real-world Orange County community specific experience helps us close transactions in less time. What can this leading-edge technology do for you? Our user-friendly website will ensure that you will be able to find all of the right Collins Island | Newport Beach luxury homes for sale that suits your style with our comprehensive and detailed Newport Beach property search where you can view photos, maps, schools, get useful real estate statistics and more. Our inventory of Collins Island | Newport Beach real estate is updated minute-by-minute in the Orange County MLS and includes direct access to all of our local South Orange County Real Estate Agents.



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