Let’s go to the top together

Taking people to the summit is what excellent real estate companies do

How big is your dream? We have big dreams for BanCorp® in Orange County and believe that anything worth doing well is worth doing even better with others. We are not going to climb this mountain alone and our management team knows that if we are to accomplish the lofty goals that this organization has set for itself, we want to climb the summit with a team of core professional who are able to effectively carry-out, communicate and manage the vision of BanCorp Real Estate Group® in the short-term, and have the leadership qualities necessary to pull others to the top of the mountain along with them in the mid to long-term.

Through taking responsibility while others are making excuses and being dissatisfied with the realities of the existing real estate marketing mechanics, BanCorp® is creating a new passion to make a difference in the Orange County real estate market. We are audacious, seeing the possibilities in a situation while others in the real estate industry are searching for limitations - we are not afraid to take risks. We are looking for professionals who can inspire others with a vision of how they can contribute, submerge their ego for the sake of what is best and evoke in others the capacity to dream.

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There are many real estate companies in Orange County who are willing and perfectly content in giving advice on specific communities and neighborhoods that they know nothing about. A real estate company’s credibility begins with corporate success and ends with helping other professionals achieve personal success. Because we are audacious and highly innovative it inevitably leads to huge rewards for our clients. Increasing audacity in Orange County real estate means we refuse to boring: our risk/reward business model stands in direct contrast to the existing awkward certainty centered business models, where neither the client nor the Realtor is able to share in the increasing rewards of the real estate transaction.


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