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Want to accomplish something bigger?


BanCorp Properties™ has elected to be a stepping-stone instead of a stumbling-block to its Realtors, and in doing so we have created a dynamic, focused and purpose-driven sales environment that a real estate professional can thrive and grow in. An opportunity to join an established and respected Orange County Real Estate Brokerage that was established in 1995, a real estate services organization that puts people before profits and is truly committed to the personal and professional success of its real estate professionals. We are an ambitious real estate brokerage with aggressive goals and an adventurous prosperous future to look forward to.

A Realtor doesn’t care how much their Broker knows until they know how much their Broker cares, and BanCorp understands that we are nothing without our Realtors. We understand that Realtors don’t want to work for incompetent Brokers and no one wants to go to work for a less than excellent real estate company. Everyone wants to feel that their company can effectively manage the communities they work in, the vendors that support them, and the ongoing marketing that occurs across the regions that the organization serves in. The real estate company needs to inspire confidence, and they need to do that, not with charisma, but with confidence.

BanCorp REG™ offers an advantageous opportunity within an established and distinguished organization that is applying a new marketing initiative to a complex South Orange County real estate marketplace that has been imploring, even pleading for creative, imaginative and improved selling | buying solutions in one of the nation's most dynamic and complex housing markets.





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