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BanCorp Properties is recognized within the real estate industry as an organization that pays the highest commissions to its Realtors. With many of the real estate brokerages having complex or ‘heavily taxed’ pay structures, BanCorp believes that the wave of the future lies in its leading-edge program which allows professional’s to keep more money in their pocket, while at the same time having the confidence that they are working with an established brand. BanCorp believes that a system based on percentages is simply archaic, what the industry is searching for now is a flat-fee which is practical, reasonable, and significantly lower than the industry average. There are some professionals who are new to the industry who need assistance at every step of the transaction, there are others that have been in the industry for a few years and are well-acquainted the process not requiring supervision: Enter BanCorp Properties.

With a leading-edge website that Realtors are proud to show to their clients, BanCorp Properties is experiencing exponential growth in Orange County. BanCorp Real Estate Group is not out to become the biggest brokerage, but it is certainly the most practical and supportive. Since 1995 the company has always stood for easier and faster™ (and smarter) real estate transactions as a corporation, and this philosophy trickles down to its professionals. By charging a flat-fee versus a percentage, the company is attracting professionals from all across Southern California. The company is determined to make a difference in the Orange County marketplace, and the company’s leadership team understands that the organization cannot make a difference in the industry by playing it safe and conforming to the low expectations of a rather ordinary Southern California real estate marketing model.

The Orange County real estate market has been imploring, even pleading for creative, imaginative and improved selling | buying solutions in one of the nation's most dynamic and complex housing markets. We believe that one of the first-steps to realizing our goal of rapid, yet controlled growth is by allowing our Orange County Real Estate Agents to keep the lion’s share of the commission in their own pocket. This high commission structure allows a professional to join an established and respected Orange County Real Estate Brokerage who is a full-service company, offering mortgage banking and escrow services as well. BanCorp consistently attracts the best talent because it understands that if the real estate professional is going to stay with an organization over an extended period of time, a professional must experience the Broker as believable, credible, and most importantly trustworthy.







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