Is Your Realtor Boring?

BanCorp Properties pushes ideas further

Is your Orange County real estate company boring and ordinary? If the first thoughts that come to mind are mundane, tedious and stale you are likely working with an average realtor, and the reward potential for your family has dropped dramatically as you are now settling for less than excellent and are undoubtedly going to receive less than the best market value for your family’s home. When you hire a realtor you must be absolutely certain that the cost of hiring an average real estate company will not be greater than the reward it ultimately brings in(if your realtor is leaving money on the table you are in essence paying an additional fee, right?). BanCorp Realty® pushes ideas further. We make them more audacious, and then turn them into realities for the homeowner in the form of more cash-equity in their Orange County home.

BanCorp REG® knows that the Orange County real estate market favors and highly rewards innovative ideas, and severely penalizes tiresome and uninteresting ones: why would you want to hire a boring, monotonous Orange County realtor?

If the real estate company that you are using to sell your home has a strict marketing review process that requires each new marketing idea that might assist the home owner in selling their home easier and faster – they are stubborn and using an old-school marketing model. If your Realtor has to jump through hoops and go across steep hurdles and submit materials to committees before they can advertise your home the way it needs to be advertised to draw the top market value you deserve – you are using an antiquated real estate agency. BanCorp Realty is willing to be audacious and disrupt the Orange County real estate market which will directly benefit the Orange County homeowners that we represent, allowing them to directly realize a greater return on the sale of their home, selling it faster and far more effectively than other agencies.

Because BanCorp Realty® is innovative and imaginative it leads to huge financial rewards for our clients. Increasing audacity in Orange County real estate means that we refuse to be boring and predictable. Our risk/reward business model stands in direct opposition to the existing timid, non-competitive business marketing structure which is prevalent across Orange County real estate. BanCorp REG® is not the biggest Orange County real estate brokerage, but this is a good thing – quick and efficient, practical decision making in real-time, real-world environments is exactly why BanCorp® is known as the Orange County Real Estate Zephyr™.





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