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A house isn't a home. Houses are things developers build for families to call home, possibly for a couple of years, maybe for a really long time, and all families big and small have dreams for the future, both near and far. Homes are built for families. Houses are built for building equity in the homes for families to live in and grow together. We build value short-term by making the real estate process move at a faster pace with greater efficiency. We build long-term value by understanding better than anyone the importance of the dollar-for-added-dollar equity multiplier that is so hyper-sensitive here in Orange County. A thousand dollars gained here, or saved there, translates out to ten's of thousands of dollars long-term.

Whoever coined the term "Time is Money" must have had the Orange County real estate market in mind

What is Homes | Families | Dreams all about? It is about getting families into Orange County homes easier and faster™ through leading-edge technology, market efficiency and best-in-class client support and service, through a company wide purpose-driven resolve. What does a purpose-driven company look like? We take family's dreams, turn them into goals and then make them realities.

Picture an organization that puts People before profits, where families come first, always; where each team-member enjoys what they do, they enjoy their careers and the only reason that they were at BanCorp Realty is because they want to – not because they have to. We don’t get out of bed each day to buy things, with money we don’t have so we can impress people we don’t even know.

BanCorp does operate under the rules and expectations set by others in the Orange County Real Estate industry and we certainly don’t worry about what other company’s think about us. We operate our business trusting God as if everything depended on Him, while working as if everything depended on us – a perfect balance. Purpose Driven Companies don’t worry because they know that worrying about something never changed anything – it was only by action in the marketplace that BanCorp REG are able to affect positive change in the Orange County real estate community, not sitting around worrying about a problem or circumstance – we go at those head-on and plow right through them instead of trying to navigate our way around them or try and pretend they did not exist.

Our BanCorp Realtors know and appreciate the Orange County real estate market, able to discern the subtle nuances within a local neighborhood as well as differentiating the wide variation and diversity between communities and cities. Some BanCorp Realtors have lived here for many years, others their whole life: The point being we are experts, we are engaged in our local communities and are able to pass this valuable real estate insight over to you, helping you sell your home or close your transaction easier and faster™.

Our local BanCorp Realtors want to use their years of experience and local knowledge to help you maximize your investment in your home, condominium or investment property. Whether you are buying or selling a home, time is always of the essence and we are here to save you a lot of time and we all know what time equals! Whether you are looking for a perfect home or an investment for your family, let one of our BanCorp Real Estate Professionals merge our leading-edge technology with our world-class service and help you find your family's next dream home.


Buying or Selling a Home In Orange County Just Got Easier and Faster™.




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