What are the fees for using Buyer’s Agent? 

(Hint: You don't pay for them)


As a buyer it costs you nothing to work with a BanCorp Orange County Buyer’s Agent. When BanCorp Properties™ represents you in the purchase of your next home as an Exclusive Buyer's Agent (EBA) through our separate operating division - Buyer's Agent Direct™ - all of the fees in the transaction are paid for by the Seller. Not only is it free to engage a BanCorp South Orange County Realtor we will normally save you a lot of time and money because we only represent your family's interests – guaranteed through our commitment to service excellence. Because we are intimately familiar with all of the local South Orange County Neighborhoods and Communities, we can provide you with superior referrals to trustworthy vendors such as moving companies, home improvement contractors even interior designers. 

If you're thinking this structure could possible work against you by giving your BanCorp Realtor® an incentive to let you pay more for your home than you need to pay, consider this: BanCorp REG™ is fully compliant to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practices enforced by the National Association of Realtors®. Besides this external code of ethics, we hold ourselves to an even higher standard of compliance and ethics which we publish on our website. We believe that if we put people before profit and act with integrity at all times we can truly serve our clients as a purpose-driven company.  

True Real Estate in action: If the price of a home were to take a jump from $5,000 to $10,000 in final negotiations, the increase in a BanCorp Orange County Real Estate Agents commission would be only $125 to $250. BanCorp REG's productive and engaged Real Estate Professional's simply won’t risk our reputation, your satisfaction for a nominal increase in commission. Your future business and referrals from your friends and family is much more important to our organization than a tiny one-time commission. This is the substance and character of our company and each and every one of our BanCorp Real Estate Professionals careers.




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