A Hybrid Real Estate Marketing Machine:

Disruptive and viral marketing 


This is when we disrupt or shake-up the old marketing model instead of trying to appease it by conforming to old-school ordinary marketing methods being used by 95% of real estate companies today. By rattling the buyer’s market instead of trying to organize it into neat little nicely stacked Lego building blocks – which is exactly what the sales market in South Orange County is expecting, we improve homeowners value in ways the real estate market is not expecting, through creating a new set of buyers that the present model didn't even consider.

By fully exploiting the existing buyers-market and through cultivating this previously untapped market for your home, BanCorp is discovering more opportunities leading to better offers – Through Disruption.

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By actively participating in these social media sites we are exploiting the self replicating or the on-line equivalent of old school word-of-mouth advertising, found mainly today in the form of old-fashioned Orange County Realtor-specific real estate caravans: This method, dating back over fifty-years normally brings in curious and potentially competing agents, not potential buyers.

The messages or posts, which focus on real estate professionals locally and home buyers across the country and around the world, are designed to be intriguing, compelling and entertaining; appealing to large yet highly refined target markets who will want to share with others in their network. What translates an ordinary message into a viral or disruptive one? The customer or reader has now become a new sales or information channel for selling your home! Traditional word-of-mouth marketing multiplied exponentially.




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