BanCorp Does Not Accept Ordinary:

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Leadership of BanCorp Real Estate Group believes that the real estate industry is imploring, even pleading for a newly adapted, intelligent, quantum step away from its present antiquated marketing model, which leaves a majority of the real estate agents left out of the true South Orange County housing market feeling like they are there stranded on a desert island by themselves, left to fend for themselves without the necessary professional support mechanisms in place.

BanCorp Properties™ is an action-orientated results-driven company and we understand that our behavior and conduct carry much more weight in the real estate community than our words. We refuse to conform to the exceedingly decreasing expectations that homeowners now have in the real estate companies who have represented them historically. We have made the corporate decision to lead from the front by raising the bar for the remainder of the Orange County real estate industry.

Our business model hinges on attracting the most excellent, passionate agents in the industry. We are able to consistently accomplish this by promoting team unity and working for a cause that is not always reflected in our own personal financial gain. We are attracting high quality, market-savvy real estate professionals through fostering an environment that supports risk-taking and delegated decision making at the agent level which is leading to increasing revenue streams through cross-divisional profit sharing and more closed transactions realized through increased brand awareness, superior training and continuing education - far exceeding industry standards. By leading instead of following, we are always one step ahead and we continue to introduce many alternative competitive advantages that our competition simply can’t produce.




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