Authentic or Computer Generated Appraisal?

We will get it right - guaranteed*. 


It can be entertaining and even amusing to jump around on the large national real estate company’s websites and see when their AVM’s (Automated Valuation Models) try and “predict” what your South Orange County home is worth. However, when you are really serious about selling your home in a sophisticated Southern California housing market, these truly are “guestimates” at best. You are in much better hands with a detailed CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) from a respected BanCorp Real Estate Professional. AVM's not unlike Freddie Mac's Home Value Explorer (HVE®), which estimates a property value instantly are great for mortgage bankers and portfolio managers for things like determining credit risk and loss mitigation, but worthless to people wanting to sell their home – interesting - but wrong 99% of the time.

Determining the true market value of your home, condominium or investment property requires an actual and true local analysis and genuine knowledge of your local South Orange County community. Skillful and experienced BanCorp Orange County Realtors® who assist families in selling their homes for a profession have an incredible advantage over computerized tools where a seller simply types in a question "what is my San Clemente or Costa Mesa home worth." BanCorp Properties in our on-going pursuit of easier and faster™ real estate will complete a comprehensive CMA on your home which when completed by a broker is not unlike a Broker Price Opinion (BPO). This report will detail the true market value of your home (not too low or too high), meaning you will receive competitive offers, selling your home at the most optimum price in the quickest amount of time.





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