From Home Seeker to Home Owner:

6 simple steps.

BanCorp Properties: Easier and Faster California Real Estate

1)      The Orange County real estate buyers market is fiercely competitive:

We show you every available home for sale (public and private - pocket listings) with accurate, reliable and trustworthy information so you can find exactly what you are looking for in Orange County, easier and faster™ before your competition does. 


2)      BanCorp Properties makes it easier and faster™:

Our unique and creative mix of key property characteristics and neighborhood information makes it simple to choose homes, condominiums and investment properties that interest you, all meeting your personal search profile and criteria so your BanCorp Realtor® can help you find your dream home quicker and close on it faster creating near term value for your family paving the way for long term equity for the future.


3)      Our BanCorp Professionals are your partners from the start:

Our local BanCorp Realtors are ready to partner with you and bring their real-world knowledge and expertise inside of the Orange County real estate market to you. You instantly become an expert yourself when you partner with BanCorp REG™. 



4)      We'll connect you to our community:

We can provide concrete loan pre-qualifications, a smart and easy process if you have not already done so. We can also connect you to our vast network of trusted local partners in your local neighborhood if you need one.


5)      We will put together a winning offer:

We’ll help negotiate a winning offer when you find your dream home. We will step-up with our market expertise and put together a competitive winning offer in a timely manner securing you an aggressive purchase price that you are completely happy with. 


6)      We won't stop until you get the keys to your dream home:

Own the home intended for you. In just a short period of time you'll be settled into a new home that was meant for your family and all the enjoyment and pride of ownership that comes with it.




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BanCorp Properties: Truth In Orange County Real Estate