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Of all the elements open to interpretation when it comes to creating a customized residential home-buying experience, there is one truth on which even the most discerning buyers can agree: It takes a team of dedicated and supremely talented Realtors, pooling their respective skills and expertise together with a respected and trusted real estate company, to bring a successful close of escrow to fruition. A buyer may originate a vision for the property, but many times it takes a real estate professional to also show possibilities in a property, ultimately helping the buyer understand all of the subtle nuisances and intricacies of a home. The information within all of the pages of both “Buyers Agent Direct” and “Selling With BanCorp”, speaks to the collaborative thread that binds residential properties in Orange County with respective buyers and sellers. BanCorp Properties delivers that rare combination of passion, insight and detail-orientated service that sets us apart from the rest of the industry.

BanCorp's Fair Lending and Fair Housing Policies

BanCorp Properties™ will insure that you have the most complete, up to the minute access to the full South Orange County housing market by providing the most complete inventory of Orange County real estate anywhere on the internet. We will quickly zero in on your target price range and eliminate the homes that we know you would rule out at first sight making your home search easier and faster™ (and smarter) than ever before. We accomplish this by merging leading-edge technology with market-savvy, knowledgeable BanCorp real estate professionals who are capable of revealing the complete Orange County housing market, not just the homes listed on the Orange County MLS, giving our clients a distinct advantage over our competition.

You can expect the highest level of professionalism and service when you work with a BanCorp South Orange County buyer’s agent in the purchase of your next Orange County single family residence, condominium, townhome, or investment property. We will not only write a winning competitive offer, we will insure you are prequalified for your home loan in advance, taking any guess-work out of the final outcome of the purchase transaction. Because we listen more than we talk we are able to show you the homes that we know will interest you and you want to visit and walk-through. When BanCorp is able to eliminate the homes we know you would rule out at first sight, we are able to save your family a lot of frustration and worry and most importantly, we'll save you the one thing you can never get back - Time!




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