Why real estate companies don't become excellent

Posted by BanCorp Properties on Thursday, December 20th, 2018 at 1:13pm.


The number 1 reason companies fail in America – selfishness.

When a team-member cares only about them self, they are by definition no longer part of a team. They have become an employee, and they no longer work for BanCorp Properties. Why? Well we don’t have employees we have team members and as soon as this happens, the germ of failure has entered the organization and has begun to spread.

  •        Quickest way to get fired by this firm? “It’s not my job”

Leading by example: Management aat BanCorp Realty should be the first one in line when a desk needs to be moved to the other side of the office or when a huge box of a paper needs to be unloaded from a car. This is part of ‘servant leadership’, but is also conveys the message to the rest of the team that management within this company will do whatever it takes to win.


Don't do anything for selfish purposes, but with humility think of others as better than yourselves.”  (Philippians 2:3)


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