Why BanCorp does Orange County real estate is more important than what we do

Posted by Greg Steinaker on Monday, January 13th, 2014 at 1:22pm.

What we do?

In the capacity of an Orange County Real Estate Agency: Bancorp Real Estate Group

BanCorp Real Estate Group represents homeowners looking to sell their existing Orange County: home, condominium, or rental property on the open market, wishing to engage the expertise of professional real estate agency, expecting results consistent with those promised and executed at the onset of the listing agreement, acting in the capacity of a seller or dual agent.

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BanCorp Realty represents homebuyers, assisting in financing when requested, who have recently sold, or previously sold their existing home (or is in the process of being sold, demonstrated through an ‘open escrow’) and are in the process of searching for their next home which may or may not be listed on the open market, acting in the capacity of a buyer or dual agent.

BanCorp Realtor® Bankers Group represents first time homebuyers, assisting with financing when requested, seeking to purchase their first home, condominium or rental property, which may or may not be listed on the open market, acting in the capacity of a buyer’s agent.

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Why we do it?

  • Because each BanCorp Realtor® wants to be “on fire” and “passionate” in what we do, and we believe that each of us wants to make a positive difference in not only our lives but the lives of our families, and the communities that we serve in.

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  • Because BanCorp knows that the real estate industry is ready to start hearing fresh new words revolving around acts of, gratitude, patience, loyalty, kindness and goodness: not gossip, back-biting, self-centered, do-whatever-it-takes-to-get-to-the-top, thinking.

  • Because BanCorp Real Estate Group believes that the real estate industry is begging, pleading! for a new a new adapted, intelligent quantum step away from its present antiquated marketing model, consisting of high-tech leads passed on to uniformed sales agents representing impassionate, visionless corporate entities.

  • Because BanCorp wants to give the glory to God, by serving others, treating each other exactly as we would like to be treated, we care, courtesy and respect.

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  • Because BanCorp Real Estate Group knows that a company culture that promotes learning, creativity and risk-taking is a much prone for success than a company that uses a fear-based approach to business. We all want to acquire more knowledge, and as human beings we all want to excel and be the best we that we can be.

  • Because all of us should be doing this because we want to, not because we have to.

  • Because if we are all building up lives that we don’t feel that we need to escape from, we won’t spend all of our time worrying about our next vacation.

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Because BanCorp Realtor® Bankers Group know that people will occasionally do business with someone because of “what they do” and sometimes they will do so because of “how they do it” but when they understand “why they do it” that company will most likely have a client for life.

From the desk of Greg Steinaker

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