What separates and average Realtor from an extraordinary one?

Posted by Greg Steinaker on Thursday, July 10th, 2014 at 12:09pm.

For a real estate professional to have success in the marketplace they must be able to influence their clients. Not the type of influence where a Realtor is trying to manipulate or sway a client’s decision, but rather the type of influence that is cultivated by maintaining key professional characteristics. Things that a Realtor will work on each and every day that that will lead them to becoming a top-notch, high-quality Realtor who is respected in their community and is known for being a professional of integrity without compromise.

If you are a Realtor with influence you will be in a position to help your client instead of trying to make them happy all the time (which I discussed in my last blog post). What does a Realtor need to do to increase their level of influence with their clients? If a real estate professional truly wants to start earning their client’s (or prospective client’s) trust, and become a true real estate advocate, they will start working on these seven following characteristics that the top-tier Realtors work on each day of their careers:

  • Ability: learn more about the real estate industry daily and do it with excellence.

  • Character: hold yourself to the highest standard of integrity daily.

  • Passion: if you aren’t passionate about real estate – chose another career.

  • Success: maximize your time daily to achieve the results you are seeking.

  • Intuition: pay attention to the intangibles of being an excellent Realtor daily.

  • Confidence: know what you are doing and make others around you feel confident too daily.

  • Charisma: focus on your clients and show them that you care daily.

If a Realtor embodies these characteristics, their influence will increase with their clients and their results will be a natural byproduct for striving for these.

Greg Steinaker: Managing General Partner and President – BanCorp Real Estate Group

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