Real Estate Companies who try to climb to the top without connecting with their Realtors need to change their attitude.

Posted by Greg Steinaker on Tuesday, July 8th, 2014 at 10:08am.

The majority of Real Estate Brokers today place the positional aspect of their company (where they stand in sales, Realtor recruitment, total market share), ahead of their ongoing relational one with their existing Realtor base – playing a form of the kid’s game king of the hill – knocking down others (or doing whatever it takes) to get their company to the top. Company First. Realtor’s Second. Most real estate companies today don’t realize that the game of real estate can be played any other way. There comes a point in the evolution of a real estate company’s life when they are confronted with a choice. Are they going to compete in the marketplace at all costs, to climb over their own Realtors to make sure they get to the top, or are they going to connect with their Realtors, develop their professional’s careers and put people before profit for the sake of longer-term growth?

When a real estate company is willing to win at costs, they devalue their Realtors because the leaders are only interested in their own financial gain. They are acutely aware of which companies are selling more homes than them and which ones aren’t, constantly reading reports to see where they rank. Moving up is very important to them, and the idea of moving down is terrible. What is going on in each Realtors personal and professional journey doesn’t even register on the radar screen, the management team is only looking at their pocketbooks. An excellent real estate company on the other hand will find a way to connect with their Realtors and focus their attention on moving over to where their people are – the real world of buying and selling homes. They will think more about who is on the journey (long-term) with them and how they can come alongside them (short-term and long-term). This is a major shift in thinking.

A real estate company will win at every level if it focuses on relationships, cooperation and partnerships with its Realtors. Real estate companies who try to win at all costs may be a frontrunner for a while, but they won’t stay there for long. The real estate brokers who “get it” are more interested in using their on-going relationships with their Realtors to foster cooperation (marketing, support, continued training). They see working together as a win. If a real estate organizations mind-set is always to win, then they naturally want power because it helps them climb faster and reach the top more quickly. However, becoming the best broker in any given real estate market is not a solo endeavor. And anything that that the broker could on their own pales in significance to the things they could do with a team of skilled Realtors. The way to create really high-powered Realtors is to form partnerships with them, which is what the best real estate companies are most likely to do.

Greg Steinaker – CEO Irvine Holding Company

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