Pretend it didn’t happen… or admit it happened?

Posted by Greg Steinaker on Thursday, June 19th, 2014 at 10:15am.

Someone once said that no one ever sized up people more accurately than the person who invented the pencil eraser. Everybody makes mistakes – large and small. To get maximum attention make big mistakes. Maybe this is why BanCorp Realty gets a lot of attention, we are far from perfect. If you think you are working with a perfect real estate broker who has never made a mistake with a perfect track record in the marketplace, you are only kidding yourself. When it comes to success in real estate it is not the number of mistakes you make; it is the number of times you make the same mistake. If you can grow from your mistakes, learn to fail successfully and handle the mistakes, you will become a true asset to your client in the field, truly able to represent them professionally not fearing making a mistake because you already know you aren’t perfect and no one else is either.

To get maximum attention, make a big mistake. To cause maximum damage, fail to admit it.

If a Realtor makes a mistake in the process and they do not admit it to their client immediately there is an immediate lack of trust, and if there is not trust, there is no relationship and you might as well tear up the contract because it is worthless. The mistake being made here by the Realtor could have been made without even the client being aware of it; but if you want to be a true professional your client still needs to know about it. Here is an example. Let’s say you take a listing on a home and the following weekend your client goes out of town on vacation. The next Saturday you are scheduled to meet another Realtor and his client at the home at 3:30 to show the home (no lock box). You get tied up at your sons soccer game and don’t get there until 3:50 and when arrive there you find the Realtor’s card on the door with a not so nice note saying that they won’t be showing the property again.

So, when your client gets back into town do you tell them what transpired? You could easily sweep it under the rug, they would never know right? It would be easy to say nothing, but the right thing to do is to admit your mistake and tell them the truth along with all of the facts. 90% of the time when we admit our failures (mistakes) and take responsibility for them, people (clients) will allow us to move on to the next step (selling the home). As a real estate professional when we admit we made a mistake it does not mean we are weak or unprofessional, it simply means we are human, and clients like working with humans – not pretenders. 

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