Passion Creates a Dynamic Team

Posted by Greg Steinaker on Monday, June 9th, 2014 at 10:02am.

Passion will fuel a company in ways that other assets can’t. Talent alone will never allow a company to reach its full potential. As we discussed earlier, opportunity by itself will never get an organization to the summit. Another great misconception is:

Knowledgeit can be a great asset, but it won’t make a firm “all we can be.” Being smart doesn’t make someone excellent. Neither does possessing credentials or college degrees. Heck, some of America’s worst presidents are reputed to have been the smartest.

A great teamcan fall short. It is true that real estate companies cannot be successful without a good team. But having a good team does not guarantee success. A team with no heart and lacking passion won’t succeed.

When a company pursues what it is truly passionate about, it makes all the difference. Passion fills it with energy and desire. It gives the organization the will to win. If the company has the will to win, it has already achieved half of its success. To most people, there is a big difference between work and play. Work is what they have to do so that someday they can do what they want to do. A BanCorp Real Estate Group we choose to do what we love to do and make the necessary adjustments to make it work in our lives.

BanCorp Realty is committed to hiring the passionate professionals in the industry. If you are excellent or interested in becoming excellent, contact BanCorp at

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