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Posted by Greg Steinaker on Friday, January 24th, 2014 at 10:09am.

An Audacious South Orange County Realtor

That is Part II of a Two Part Blog.

Orange County’s buyers and sellers are looking for audacity in their real estate brokerage, helping to realize fast-paced equity building that is intended for this market, but end up settling for average low-risk solutions 95% of the time. With so many like homes for sale here in Orange County, how can a Realtor not be bold, willing to take risks?

BanCorp Real Estate Group | Irvine Holding Company

Audacity in Orange County real estate allows BanCorp Realty to see beyond what other Realtor’s see, and requires an underlying confidence in the face of possible failure, criticism from other real estate companies around us and even possible financial loss to BanCorp Real Estate Group. Certainly not a conservative approach. The reason that other Orange County real estate companies don’t get their clients the financial returns that BanCorp does is that they are not audacious enough, they try to be just like everyone else, accepting the status-quo, and stand way back from the leading edge – where BanCorp is used to leading from. Usually these real estate companies mistake arrogance for audacity and adopt a “we can’t fail because we know everything” mentality. Audacity in real estate is walking the fine line between crazy and lazy.

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Success in Orange County real estate in 2014 and the years to come is all about exercising audacity and confidence in the face of failure. BanCorp Realty possesses all the ingredients of a successful Orange County real estate agency: desire, hunger for success, ideas that work, and capital that is aggressive getting less conservative and more audacity. 

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From The Desk of BanCorp Realty C.E.O. Greg Steinaker

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