Orange County, CA Real Estate Closing Costs

Posted by Greg Steinaker on Monday, March 3rd, 2014 at 11:56am.

If you are an Orange County home buyer you are going to need to have saved up more than just the down payment – but the good news is that the seller pays all of the commission to the Realtor. Your BanCorp Real Estate professional will pull you through the buying process instead of pushing you through the process – a huge difference! If you have bought a Orange County home before you are aware that there are other additional fees involved in the process, if you haven’t, the list below will help you to prepare to become an Orange County first time homebuyer, congratulations!

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What are closing costs? 

Not only does the Orange County home buyer need to bring cash to the closing table for the down payment, but also they need to have cash in reserves for other closing costs associated with securing the home. Those costs can include items like pre-paid taxes and fire insure (hazard insurance) and other things required to fund the borrower's impound account set up by the lender, along with title insurance and recording fees, among others. 

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These fees are in addition to the homes agreed upon purchase price. If closings costs are not figured correctly, the sale may possibly be affected. It's not common, but real estate closings have fallen apart because the buyer did not correctly calculate that amount of money they needed to close with. 

In Orange County, CA buyers are normally going to pay the following closing costs:

  • Fees for obtaining their own mortgage
  • Inspection fees on the home to see if there is anything wrong
  • Homeowner's insurance which is prepaid one year in advance
  • Property taxes which may or may not be impounded
  • Transfer taxes
  • Title insurance and settlement fees
  • Escrow Fees

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Orange County home sellers are expected to cover closing costs like:

  • Real estate commission (in some cases, a portion of this may be paid by the buyer)
  • Termite repairs and usually any other repairs needed to be done unless the home is sold “as is”
  • Transfer taxes
  • Title insurance and settlement fees
  • Escrow fees

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The good news for the buyer is that they don’t have to pay any Orange County real estate commissions to their BanCorp real estate professional, all of the commissions are paid by the seller. This is great reason to hire a BanCorp Realtor as an Orange County exclusive buyer’s agent. BanCorp Realty has been representing Orange County home buyers since 1995 and we are experts in all aspects of the home buying process. You can trust a BanCorp real estate professional to guide your family through the real estate transaction easier and faster than anyone else.

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