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Posted by Greg Steinaker on Saturday, May 31st, 2014 at 7:20am.

BanCorp Realty’s management believes that the real estate industry is begging… pleading! for a new adapted, intelligent, quantum step away from its present antiquated marketing model, consisting of high-tech leads passed on to uniformed sales agents representing impassionate, visionless corporate entities. We also believe that actions speak louder than words and we refuse to conform to the exceedingly decreasing expectations that homeowners now have in their real estate companies. One example of these decreasing expectations is simply that of the common practice of taking a listing and then simply putting it on the MLS and then sitting back and waiting for another Realtor to bring a buyer to the table so the person can collect their 3% commission while in hibernation.

If a company is able to exploit the existing buyers-market through cultivating a previously untapped market for a person’s home, they will create more opportunities for the client leading to better offers. One way this can be accomplished is by actively participating in social media sites where the company is able to exploit the self replicating or the on-line equivalent of old school word-of-mouth advertising, found mainly today in the form of old-fashioned Realtor-specific real estate caravans: This method, dating back over fifty-years normally brings in curious and potentially competing agents, not potential buyers.

The on-going messages or posts, which focus on real estate professionals locally and home buyers across the country are designed to be intriguingcompelling and entertaining; appealing to large yet highly refined target markets who will want to share with others in their network. What translates an ordinary message into a viral, or disruptive one? The customer or reader has now become a new sales or information channel for selling your home! Traditional word-of-mouth marketing multiplied exponentially.

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