Maintaining Momentum in Real Estate

Posted by Greg Steinaker on Thursday, July 31st, 2014 at 2:27pm.

Focus Intensity over Time and multiply it by God - this will give a company unstoppable Momentum. Momentum is not something random, like a lightning strike, it is the exact opposite. It is something that is created within a company, and then is managed by both the leaders and employees of the organization. If the momentum is lost, normally it means the company has dropped its focus, intensity or simply its lack of faith. When a company loses its focus, this usually falls on the shoulders of management, and it normally happens because of either fear or greed. Fear will cause a company to lose focus because it is looking at the potential for failure instead of concentrating on success. Greed will cause an organization to lose focus because they begin to take their eye off of the good of their client, and out of the moment, and into a sense of celebrating victories that have not yet been earned.

BanCorp REG follows a well-defined set of Guiding Values

A company cannot become intense until they find something that they deeply care about. Many companies make the mistake of being intense for the wrong things. A company must be intentional in their intensity. Their intensity must be purposely directed at things that really matter and purposely not directed at things that don’t. If a company takes all their team-members to their favorite pro football team’s game and everybody is jumping up and down yelling and screaming at the top of their lungs from ten minutes before kick-off until the final whistle, shouldn’t that same group be just as intense about their company? Something that is bigger than all of them that everyone can prosper in? Intensity and passion are two traits of a company that is able to succeed and carry momentum over extended periods of time.

Most companies can focus if they concentrate, and most companies can be intense for a while. Focused intensity at some level can be achieved by most companies if and when they care enough about a certain outcome. However, few companies can add the next element of the formula for very long – Time. Great companies are able to maintain focused intensity for long periods of time. For an organization to achieve huge accomplishments, they have to stay focused and intense over an extended period of time. The most key component of the Momentum Theory is God. As humans we are all finite. Our skills, abilities and talents have a limit. Wouldn’t our limited efforts as a company be multiplied by an infinite God? If faith was added to the equation, wouldn’t it seem natural that our comparatively puny efforts as humans could literally explode with even an ounce of faith? As a good lesson for business and for life, if we are trying to gain momentum… we take our best focused intensity over time and multiply it by God for unstoppable momentum.

Thanks Dave Ramsey. 

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