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Since the early 1860’s, Lake Forest had been known as El Tor, in the mid 1870’s Mr. Serrano and his dependents where in possession of over ten thousand acres of land that had been given to him by the leadership of Mexico and the subsequently found its way into the hands of Dwight Whiting. He was a key player in transferring the Santa Fe rail line within the area. The Rancho Niguel was awarded to Alvarado, Avila and his sibling Conception, the widow of Sanchez. From that point on it traded hands and was subdivided into parcels including Yorba. Prior to 1980 the lions-share of it was possessed by Rawson. Bacon also was entitled to over 1,500 acres. In surplus to the Serranos, created in Aliso Canyon, essentially there was a consortium of pioneers who resided in the inland areas above El Toro, the majority of who were among the first group of settlers of what would later become Lake Forest, CA real estate.

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El Toro and interstate five freeway was the focal point of the Orange County Saddleback Valley from the 1900’s forward. However, the region eventually became run down, and the majority of the proprietorships went out of business or relocated. After years of calculating, the city has worked with the Lake Forest property owners of some declining strip malls and created the “Arbor at Lake Forest” commercial district. The new development can contend with grandiose shopping malls in cities that border Lake Forest. Lake Forest first incorporated in 1991, proceeding incorporation, the properties in Lake Forest had been known as El Toro. After a vote, the city expanded its borders to incorporate the master-planned communities of Portola Hills and Foothill Ranch. This augmentation brought new Lake Forest homes and commercial centers to the north area of Lake Forest (Lake Forest is one of the safest cities in the United States).

Lake Forest derives its name from two man-made lake, and there are condominiums, townhomes and single-family-residences that line its shores. Lake Forest neighborhood Home Owners Associations regulate the lakes. Lake One, referenced to as the Lake Forest Beach and Tennis Club, and Lake Two, called the Sun and Sail Club. Each division features club houses for social events, hot tubs, saunas, multiple swimming pools, volleyball courts, barbecue pits basketball courts, gyms, and tennis courts. The “forest” for which the city is also specified, is found mostly in the area adjacent to Serrano, Lake Forest and Ridge Route and subsists mostly of Eucalyptus trees. It is also man-made and was devised in the early 1900’s when a provincial landowner, Whiting, planted over 350 acres of Eucalyptus groves in the environs of Serrano Creek as an extension of a lumber enterprise created to draw development to the area. Prior to 1970, the Occidental Petroleum company master-planned a residential development in and around Eucalyptus Grove, which had long since broadened and grown much more compressed.



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