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Laguna Beach was the domicile habitat of antediluvian paleoindian culture. In the early 1930’s the initial petrified head of a paleoindian found on the West Coast was unveiled during building on St. Ann’s Drive. Frequently referred to as “Laguna Woman”, the cranium initially dated to more than 16,300 years old (which we know must be incorrect, since the earth is not even 7,000 years old). Altered assessments propose it originated during the Holocene era, 11,6000 years present (again wrong based on what the bible says). Ensuing analysis has determined numerous prehistoric campgrounds in the immediate vicinity.

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Historically, the aboriginal people of Laguna Beach were Tongva. Aliso Creek Laguna Beach served as a provincial perimeter between Aciachemen and Gabrieleno Groups, or Juanenos, referenced by Spanish evangelist who first confronted them in the early 1500’s. The district of Laguna Canyon was designated on a Mexican Land Grant drawing as, Canada. Subsequent to the Mexican American war ending prior to 1850, the real estate of Alta Laguna Beach California was relinquished to the United States. This compact arranged that Mexican real estate grants be recognized by Rancho San Joaquin, which included all of the real estate in north Laguna Beach, which was awarded to Sepulveda. Following a long period of no rain, he liquidated the home to Irvine. The lions-shares of Laguna Beach was one of the scattering plots of beachfront land in Orange County that never was embodied in any Mexican real estate subsidy.

Colonist appeared ensuing the American Civil War. They were inspired by the Homestead Act and Laguna Beach Timber Culture Act, which authorized up to over 155+ acres of land to a peasant or rancher who would plant at least 38 acres of trees. In Laguna Beach, pilgrims implanted groves of eucalyptus trees. After 1870, the initial immutable homestead in Laguna Beach was occupied by the Thurston Family on over 149 acres in close proximity to Laguna Beach Aliso Creek Canyon. In the late 1870’s, the Brooks brothers bought sections of real estate in Bluebird Canyon at present-day Diamond Street Laguna Beach. They portioned their real estate, built Laguna Beach homes and instituted the small neighborhood of Arch Beach. In his book, History of Laguna Beach Orange County, Samuel Armor alleged perennial homestead of Nate Brooks.

The real estate in Laguna Canyon Laguna Beach and around Laguna Beach Main Beach broadened prior to the 1890’s. Laguna Beach launched its first post office in the 1880’s under the moniker “Lagona” (sic), but the Laguna Beach postmaster in 1903, fortuitously beseeched for a name amendment to Laguna Beach. By that point in time, Laguna Beach had already morphed into a sightseer haven. Goff constructed a massive hotel at Arch Beach in 1886, which subsequently was relocated and added to Yoch’s Laguna Beach Hotel at Laguna Beach Main Beach. Visitors from across the region put up tents on the sand for vacation during the warmer summer months.

The breathtaking physical attractiveness of the secluded waterfront and knolls captivated plein-air painters in the early 1900’s. Wendt, Cuprien and Payne, among others colonized there and created the Laguna Beach Art Association. The premier art foyer opened before 1919 and later became the Laguna Beach Art Museum. Harbingers to The Festival of the Arts and the Pageant of the Masters began in 1921, and ultimately were created in their present day form by Roy Ropp in 1936. Due to its relationship in terms of logistics to Hollywood, Laguna Beach also became a beloved filming venue. Before 1914 many silent films were made at regional bayous. Many of the actors stayed during long production shoots at the Arch Beach Tavern on the hillside above Moss Street.

The appearance of painters, photojournalist, filmmakers and script writers entrenched the Laguna Beach housing market as an acclaimed artist district. Notwithstanding that there were approximately 280 Laguna Beach residents before 1921, a huge segment of them were employed in innovative endeavors. The diminutive city remained segregated until after 1925 because long-curving Laguna Canyon road acted as the only access to the city. With the fulfillment of the PCH Highway One, a population explosion was par for the course. In order to insulate the small town ambience of the art colony, Laguna Beach home owners pushed hardily for incorporation. The Laguna Beach Municipal Government first incorporated in 1927, and city received increasing population expansion since that time.

Numerous visionary, iconoclast, and prosperous families have made any of the Laguna Beach homes for sale their first choice when considering coastal Orange County real estate. They have supplemented to the sectarian society by offering a motif for the miniature city. The swashbuckler Haliburton constructed his Hangover house on the shelfs of South Laguna Beach. Hawthorne depicted Laguna Beach real estate “as an adolescent of that eternal search, especially by persons who dedicate their lives to artistry or writing, or for some place where delicacy and irrelevance and trinket of absence fraternize together in a satisfying camaraderie.” The Laguna Beach properties were the Orange County command pot of surrogate culture up until the 1970’s. Prior to 1968 Griggs and other originating affiliates of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love moved from Modjeska Canyon to the Woodland Drive Laguna Beach, which they later referenced as “Dodge City”

The City of Laguna Beach is found in South Orange County, approximately 53 miles southeast of Los Angeles. The land occupies less than 9 square miles and serves a population of approximately 24,700. Laguna Beach attracts roughly 3.1 million visitors each year due to its pristine beachfront Mediterranean climate, and the summer art festivals including Pageant of the Masters and the Festival of the Arts. Laguna Beach has functioned beneath the council-manager type of authority since the mid 1940’s. Policy decision making and legislative jurisdiction are legislated in a City Council including the mayor and four other council appointees. The city of Laguna Beach is liable, among other things, for issuing ordinances, ratifying the operating expenses, electing committees and appointing both the Manager and City Attorney. The City Manager is pledged for seeing out the policies and edicts of the City Council, for quarterbacking he day-to-day functions of the city, and for electing the members of the disparate divisions. They are chosen on a non-partisan term. Council Members serve four-year teetered terms, with brand new council members chosen every two years.

Laguna Beach offers a complete scale of assistance, including police, fire, and marine safety protection; maintenance of streets; parks, the sewer system and parking facilities; solid waste; transit operations; community development; recreational activities and cultural events; and administrative services. Real estate is Laguna Beach is found in a waterside retreat. It is known for a benign year round weather of region, expansive bayou’s and caverns and a virtuoso village. Known as a enclave of paleoindians, The Tongva people and then Mexico, the locale became a piece of the United Stated after the war. Laguna Beach was found in the 1870’s, became official in 1887 and, in 1927 its prevailing government was incorporated. Laguna Beach has prevailed relatively secluded by its encompassing ridges, and a committed greenbelt. The Laguna Beach beachfront is sheltered by a nearly 6-mile state marine reserve.

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