It is a good practice for a real estate professional listen more than they talk

Posted by BanCorp Properties on Monday, January 12th, 2015 at 10:38am.



If a real estate agent feels obligated to jump into every pregnant pause in a conversation and add some not-so-brilliant insights into the normal course of dialogue they are short-circuiting the communication channels.

God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason…

To ask a probing question when seeking a listing or the opportunity to represent as a buyers agents and then feel compelled to add some additional unsolicited information from the person before the question has the opportunity to even be answered is not only rude, it is completely unprofessional. When a person sees this exasperating character flaw in a real estate professional it typically triggers red flags all over the place. When a person is talking more than they talk they are not only learning what is really critical to their client, they are also communicating to others that they think that their ideas are much more important than other people’s – in other words they are being self-centered and egotistical. Who wants to do business with a narcissist Realtor?

When you are listening to your client you are able to focus in on what is relevant to your client and whatever is a focal point to you – pulls you. Whatever you focus on – gets your consideration. So, when you  focus your attention on your client (listen) and all of their needs, wants and concerns – instead of your own (talking instead of listening), you are able to lead them through the process (when you are leading you are always one step ahead of the process/transaction, not one step behind), going through any obstacle, circumstance, trouble or headache head-on, not trying to navigate around it by pushing your client but rather by pulling your client through it in a position of influence, determination and authority.

All of this can be accomplished by simply listening to what your client is really interested in rather than you trying to further your own goals.

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