How, What and Why?

Posted by Greg Steinaker on Tuesday, August 5th, 2014 at 7:59am.

The Irvine Holding Company is the parent company of BanCorp REG, UBC Direct Lending and Insight Escrow. Over the course of the next three blog postings we are going to discuss: what, why and how these three separate operating “do” business. We believe that “why” a company is much more important than “how” it does it, or “why” it does it, but nevertheless, we will first cover the “what” and “how” in our first two blog postings.

What we do?

In the capacity of a Real Estate Agency: Bancorp Real Estate Group:

  • We represent homeowners looking to sell their existing homes, condominiums or rental properties on the open market, wishing to engage the expertise of professional real estate agency, expecting results consistent with those promised and executed at the onset of the listing agreement, acting in the capacity of a seller or dual agent.
  • We represent homebuyers, assisting in financing when requested, who have recently sold, or previously sold their existing home (or is in the process of being sold, demonstrated through an ‘open escrow’) and are in the process of searching for their next home which may or may not be listed on the open market, acting in the capacity of a buyer or dual agent.
  • We represent first time homebuyers, assisting with financing when requested, seeking to purchase their first home, condominium or rental property, which may or may not be listed on the open market, acting in the capacity of a buyer’s agent.

In the capacity of a Licensed Escrow Company: Insight Escrow:

  • We provide exclusive closing services for Bancorp Real Estate Group and Irvine Bancorp, supporting our seller and a buyer agent’s, and or mortgage bankers at each step of the closing process, keeping all parties informed of the transaction, and one step ahead, with our focus being on compliance and overall client experience.
  • As an independent escrow company, regulated by the California Department of Business Oversight, we provide escrow closing services for mortgage bankers, banks, credit unions, mortgage brokers, competitor and independent real estate agencies who are seeking a better option to their existing closing services.

In the capacity of a Mortgage Banker: UBC Direct Lending:

  • We provide exclusive mortgage products and services for Bancorp Real Estate Group, providing loan pre-qualification services to each prospective client, with all closed loan transactions offering an interest rate which is within the top 5 posted rates in Orange County, California at the time of ‘best efforts’ in-house interest rate lock.
  • As a stand-alone mortgage banking division, we provide retail lending services to the general public in the State of California, competitor and independent real estate agencies, bank and credit union referrals as well as other professional organizations such as credit unions, CPA firms and insurance agencies.

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