How we do it?

Posted by Greg Steinaker on Wednesday, August 6th, 2014 at 9:07am.

Irvine Holding Company: as the parent of BanCorp REG, Insight Escrow and UBC Direct Lending believes that “why we do it” is more important than “how we do it” or “what we do.” Nevertheless, there must be a way for us to accomplish our goals through the actions we carry out each day. In this blog entry we cover an overview of each division’s “how we do it.”

In the capacity of a Real Estate Agency: Bancorp Real Estate Group

  • By generating high quality internet based leads through leading-edge technology, SEO, Social Media viral hybrid marketing and other web-based tools and through maintaining these competitive advantages by employing and retaining the most creative, visionary, disciplined risk-takers in the I.T. real estate industry.

  • By generating high-interest marketing leads through thought-provoking, entertaining and creative, print media, radio and surface traffic advertising campaigns, supplemented by cross-marketing promotions with professional organizations such as credit unions, CPA firms, insurance agencies and other Bancorp retail divisions. 

  • By having the best trained sales-team in the real estate industry, superior in nature, each being in high demand in the real estate marketplace, providing world-class service, not lacking in any dimension of real estate or financing. Individuals working closely within teams caring immensely about the quality, consistency and authenticity of our products services; never cutting corners when it comes to assisting our clients achieve their goals and dreams.

  • By requiring that each licensed real estate agent complete continuing real estate education each year surpassing the expectations and standards set by the California Department of Real Estate (California Bureau of Oversight).

  • By understanding that integrity in real estate means truth in real estate, in all matters big and small.

In the capacity of a Licensed Escrow Company:  Insight Escrow

  • Through maintaining a high penetration ratio of escrows tied to Bancorp Real Estate Group and Irvine Bancorp’s total portfolio of closed real estate transactions, assisting each division through errorless transactions and back-end client support and marketing.

  • Through a systematic approach to cultivating, developing and then sustaining a steady stream of repeat business from first; independent agents/brokers, then independent agencies then competitor agencies, each escrow officer, supporting our sales staff at every step, passionate at the core, built on the foundation of integrity and ultimate authenticity demanded by a successful escrow company, whose reputation and standing and in the industry is paramount.

  • By requiring that each escrow officer complete continuing real estate quality control and compliance education each year. The California Bureau of Oversight presently has no ongoing education requirements for escrow officers.

  • Integrity in escrow is Truth in Escrow, which means walking our talk and honoring our commitments. Telling the truth as fast as we can, under promising and over delivering and paying attention to the finest details of each transaction. Giving back, and treating all clients with kindness, consideration and care. And most of all, doing all we can, all the time, to preserve the reputation of this key division.

In the capacity of a mortgage banker: UBC Direct Lending

  • By hiring and retaining only the best mortgage banking professional’s which are capable of navigating ethically in this highly regulatory lending environment which the mortgage industry is currently operating under. This will be accomplished through internal quality control and compliance standards far exceeding those of the GSE’s, FHA and HUD.  Through integrity, transparency, full disclosure and categorical compliance with Truth in Lending we will never mislead or misrepresent what our products and services can do for a borrower.

  • This division will stand in direct competition to other lenders that seduce with messages of easy transactions and miniscule interest rates which usually never materialize at the time of close. Through full compliance with RegZ, TIL and all other Fair Lending Laws, we will lead from the front through complete transparency, from initial disclosures to final loan funding.

  • By requiring that each licensed mortgage banker complete continuing mortgage real estate training each year in compliance with The SAFE act (Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act of 2008).

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