How To Make Your Next Move in Orange County, CA Streamlined and Efficient

Posted by BanCorp Properties on Thursday, March 14th, 2019 at 10:27am.


What better need to motivate you to declutter and tidy up that buying a new home?

When a family moves, they want to develop a warm, casual and inviting home, and through proper organization this will help you to be less stressful and better prepared so that your new home will be user-friendly, efficient, functional and practical (you are checking off all the boxes here). You will also save a boat-load of money on moving expenses and packaging headaches by being organized as well.

To make this process less stressful, break it down into smaller, manageable piece - predetermine a recurring time that you'll allocate each day (or week) to tidying up.

The first action step is to declutter your home. There is a high probability that you have miscalculated (or underestimated) the amount of time you will need to set aside - and the dreaded "procrastination" makes it more likely that you will bring the clutter along with you into your brand new home. The trick is go room-by-room and category by category.

Take a good look at your closets and get rid of everything you haven't worn for years. Ask yourself "does this item bring me happiness?" If it doesn't, in all likely hood you don't need it.

When deciding what to get rid of and what to retain, keep for yourself a clear plastic bag to pack the items your want to keep - put only the items you can't live without.

After going through this sequence, you will have a much greater grasp on how much actual storage space you'll need while going through the house hunting process.

While doing this, think about the most favorable places to store what you have. Items that you use on a daily basis should be readily available and easy-to-reach. After this comes the fun part; making your new home as beautiful as possible - making it more appealing to potential buyers. An added bonus is that these new habits that you have developed will likely carry over to your new home. You will be surprised how making small changes such as bringing in fresh flowers, lighting a few candles and using books as decor, will make a huge difference in the appearance of your home.

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