House Hunting Tips No One Will Tell You: Part 1 of 3

Posted by BanCorp Properties on Wednesday, May 29th, 2019 at 8:37am.

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We Know - You're dedication.... You have compared square footage, wiggled your way through the crawl space, explored the town, and even researched the neighbors online. But there's a good chance yo're overlooking some little-known checks that reveal how a house really measures. You will probably have several homes to choose from that are the right size and in the right location, but you want to differentiate between good, better and best. Easy physical test con disclose many things about how a house was made. BanCorp would like to share these tests that will help you get the best home for your family.


1)  Check the temperature of the property: If it changes when you are wandering around the house - especially from the first to second floor - the house is not well insulated. You might be too hot to sleep upstairs during the summer, and too cold to watch TV downstairs in the winter. Plus, you could spend about 50% more on heating and cooling. If the temperature is the same in all direction and between floors, it will be more comfortable year=round. A better insulated home will also be more durable because it brings in less humidity that can degrade the structure of the house.


2)  Touch the Windows:  Put your hand against the sunniest one in the house. A cool window indicates that it is higher quality , so it won't let in heat or furniture-fading UV rays. There are two main elements to a window: the U-factor, which measures heat transfer, and reflectance, which determines the amount of UV rays a window lets in. A cool window is superior in both of these elements. If the window feels hot, it'the opposite.

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