Guiding Values Makes Decisions Clearer For BanCorp’s Management

Posted by Greg Steinaker on Friday, January 17th, 2014 at 11:50am.

BanCorp Realty - Ethics in Orange County Real Estate

As management of BanCorp Real Estate Group a well-defined code of ethics makes decision making easier, faster and more efficient. The simple principal this organization is based upon. Is to ask if, when making this decision, the move causes us to lie or hide the truth (which is a type of lying), if the answer is yes, we know what the decision is to be made and it is a really easy decision.

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This may seem very obvious, but when under large or stressful situation that can be made to go away by sweeping it under the rug, it is tempting to do so, even for those within the firm with the highest integrity and ethics. But if we hold true to this principle and all leaders and management hold each other accountable with these Guiding Values, we will not fail. It is all about doing the right thing in real estate

Another guiding value That BanCorp Realty’s management follows is the Real Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” As management we must always ask ourselves, if the tables were turned, if we were walking in the other guy’s shoes, how would we want to be treated?

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Reverse Real Gold Rule As a firm we strive to operate by the Golden Rule. Be thoughtful of others. However, we aren’t wimps either. We are playing the game to win. This is business. The business of business is business. If we are going to do unto others as we would have them do unto us… We feel that this is a two way street. As management we should expect the same from our competition and our vendors. We will not repay evil with evil.  However, if our best, most reliable vendor steals one of our employees we’ll cut them off in a second.

BanCorp Realty: People before profit.

From the desk of C.E.O. Greg Steinaker


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