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Posted by Greg Steinaker on Monday, June 2nd, 2014 at 8:14am.

BanCorp’s summer promotion: Better 2gether Rebate runs through August 20, 2014. It is an exciting program and it is being offered through our exclusive buyer’s agent division – Buyer’s Agent Direct. The program was designed for families who are purchasing a home in Southern California wanting to work with a full service expert Orange County real estate broker and are also interested in getting some good old hard cash in their pocket to spend as they please immediately after the close of escrow on the new home they have purchased. The money could be used for anything: moving expenses, a new upgraded kitchen, new front yard landscaping or maybe a much needed vacation to Hawaii – the possibilities are endless.

How does the BanCorp Better 2gether Rebate Program work? Actually it is quite simple: BanCorp Realty will rebate back 25% of its gross commission to the client immediately after the successful close of escrow, it is as simple as that. We show you all the properties, we handle all of the negotiations, we oversee and manage all home inspections, we coordinate the title and escrow – you receive 25% of our commission back in the form of a cashier’s check – and can spend the money however you wish. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Generally when representing a client in the purchase of a home the seller will pay the buyer’s agent a 3% commission on the final selling price of the home: this is pretty standard in the industry. This is not always the case, but it is true about 95% of the time. Here are a couple of examples of the rebate a client of ours would expect on differing final purchase prices. If the final purchase price of the home was $680,000 our client would receive a check back in the amount of $5,000 (25% of $20,400). If the final purchase price was $900,000 our client would receive a check for $6,750 (25% of $27,000). A pretty good deal consider the fact that they are still working with an excellent Orange County broker, who also is one of the fastest growing real estate agencies in Southern California.

To learn more about BanCorp Realty please visit us at or email us at or feel free to contact us directly at 949-632-7006. Why settle for ordinary when you can work with extraordinary?  

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