Good Advice Is Hard To Come By

Posted by Greg Steinaker on Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 at 11:05am.

There are a lot of people in real estate who are willing to give advice on things they have never experienced or have little or no knowledge of in the real world. They are like a bad travel agents: they sell you an expensive ticket then say, “I hope you enjoy the trip.” Then you never see them again, content with the commission they have pocketed.

In contrast, good Realtors are like tour guides. They know the territory (the localized communities and neighborhoods of Orange County) because they have made the trip before, and they do whatever they can to make the trip enjoyable and successful for all of the parties to the transaction.

A real estate professional’s credibility begins with personal success. It ends with helping people achieve their own personal goals. BanCorp Realty knows that if we are willing to show the way, people will want to follow us, because they will realize that we know what we are talking about – that we take real estate very seriously. The higher that we are able to reach, the greater the profit to our clients.

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