Get More Market Value For Your Orange County Home at Sales Time

Posted by Greg Steinaker on Friday, February 28th, 2014 at 10:39am.

Some Simple Real Estate Tips To Get A Higher Asking Price For Your Orange County, CA Home

Many times family’s in Orange County overlook the little things when they are selling their Orange County Home and live thousands of dollars on the table for something that was very easy to have fixed or upgraded at very little expense. The bottom line is this; the home you are selling needs to be in the best possible condition – especially when you are in a competitive Orange County real estate market and you are competing against many other homes for sale. This means taking care of the major repairs that could deter a buyer from putting down an offer on your home (cracked pool or a leaky roof) if you can afford it and obviously the smaller repairs.

BanCorp Realty - San Juan Capistrano Homes For SaleThe smaller repairs are what I refer to as your homes curb appeal and intrinsic value. You have to make sure that the landscape looks good – your home has to make a good first impression. Mow your grass (lazy), clean up the debris along the side yard and get rid of the weeds in the garden (yes, you really are lazy). Go down to the local nursery, spend a few bucks and plant a few annual flowers near the entrance or in pots which you would want to place by the front door. Other quick fixes that don’t cost a lot of money but will help you get top dollar for your home and are should be obvious but are often overlooked.

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  • Clean the windows of the home (inside and outside). No one want to look through cloudy windows on a sunny day.
  • Make sure your paint is not chipping or flaking.
  • Be sure that your doorbell works (it takes a lot of energy to knock on a door)
  • Make sure that your home appliances works – this is simply a matter of pride of ownership! Replace leaky faucets.
  • Make sure that your bathrooms and kitchens are spotless every time that the home is shown. I know this is a pain but it is a turnoff to see a dirty kitchen and/or bathroom
  • Organize your Closets. Nothing will turn off a prospective buyer more than sloppy closet.
  • Get rid of any bad smells in your home – do you have a cat and a kitty box? If you are going to have an open house why don’t you bake some cookies or a cake before and have the pleasant smell in the home?
  • Hey big spender… Invest in couple of vases of fresh flower and place them around the house to give the home some color.
  • If you have family photos or portraits plastered all over the home – remove them. People who are looking to buy your home don’t want to be side tracked into looking into your family’s history.

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If a professional was to ask you if you were to invest a couple of hundred dollars today and you would make a couple of thousand dollars in a month or two, would you invest the money? Of course you would! You are selling you likely largest investment – invest a few extra dollars to insure a bigger return on your investment.

Greg Steinaker CEO BanCorp Realty

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