Effective Real Estate Brokers ensure that their Realtors feel strong and capable.

Posted by Greg Steinaker on Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014 at 9:09am.

A Realtor must be able to trust their Broker if they are going to stay with the organization over time. They must experience the Broker as believable, credible, and most importantly trustworthy. One of the ways trust is developed is through consistency in behavior – the Broker acts the same with one Realtor as he does with the next – this is also referred to as integrity. Trust is established when words and deeds are congruent – the Broker doesn’t say one thing and then do another. No real estate professional wants to work with a Broker or firm that they can’t trust. Nobody likes to work with someone they can’t rely on.

When Brokers break trust with their Realtors, it is like the breaking of a mirror. Hit a mirror with a rock and the glass shatters. And while it may be possible to recover all the pieces and glue them back together, the mirror will always show cracks. The greater the damage done, the more distorted the image is. It becomes difficult to overcome the damage done in the relationship between a Realtor and a Broker when trust has been lost.

Excellent Realtors and top-not Brokers have a way of finding each other – birds of the same feather flock together. The best real estate companies understand that if there is no trust in real estate, there is no truth in real estate, and the company is built on sand not a firm foundation. If a real estate company has a revolving door policy for its Realtors, they will never make a difference in the marketplace because they are content with being ordinary and average – willing to accept the status quo. So, what are the best ways for a Broker to build trust with Realtors and support a healthy work environment?

  • Maintain Integrity

  • Openly communicate their values

  • Show respect for fellow team members as equal partners

  • Focus on shared goals more than personal agendas

  • Do the right thing regardless of personal risk

The bottom line is this: the top real estate companies in California understand that building and maintaining trust with their Realtors is matter of integrity and communication. If they want their Realtors to stay with them for extended periods of time – perhaps for an entire career – they need to be consistent, open, and truthful with them.

Greg Steinaker: Managing General Partner and President BanCorp Real Estate Group – www.bancorprealty.cominfo@bancorprealty.com

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