Determined not to know everything

Posted by Greg Steinaker on Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 at 9:40am.

An excellent Realtor may not know everything but they have access to people within the organization that comes close to getting them there.

Some people believe that great real estate professionals have all the answers. Not true, successful Real Estate Agents don’t know everything, but they know people who do. If you ask a BanCorp professional a question about one of the localized specific communities in Orange County we operate in and they don’t know the answer, they know which person in the organization does. If you ask a good Realtor a question about their profession, and they don’t know the answer, they should be able to make a phone call or two and talk to someone who is able to answer the question – that is what professionals do.

The most important decision a real estate professional can ever make to keep them focused and simplify their lives is to work for an excellent company and then surround them with top-notch talent. These professionals can be one of the primary hubs of information for their professional careers. If you recall from our previous blog postings, only 20% of all information will give you 80% of what you need to make good decisions in the real estate marketplace. One of the other benefits a professional reaps by surrounding themselves with great talent is it helps them to communicate better, which better helps them to see what to do next in the real estate transaction – or what is most important.

It is better to know the most important things than to know everything.

The bottom line is this: if you are a real estate professional and you are determined to know everything – you will fail. As a Realtor, if you don’t surround yourself with outstanding talent you are in trouble, or in other words, how can you soar with the eagles if you are hanging out with a bunch of turkeys? 

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