Costa Mesa Real Estate - Crunching The Numbers

Posted by BanCorp Properties on Sunday, August 16th, 2015 at 10:34am.

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Local experienced, market-savvy Costa Mesa Real Estate Professionals say that some of the largest employers in the city include AAA, Pacific Building Care, Fairview Developmental Center, IBM, Hyundai, and File-Net. The Costa Mesa homes for sale are served by the Costa Mesa Police Department, and fire protection is provided by the Costa Mesa Fire Department. Costa Mesa is situated in the 37th Senate District and the 74th Assembly District, and the United States House of Representatives, Costa Mesa is in the 38th congressional district. Families considering Costa Mesa real estate will like to know that the Costa Mesa Civic Center is found at 77 Fair Drive, and the City Hall is a five-story building where the main administrative functions of Costa Mesa are facilitated.

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The Costa Mesa properties are found in a racially diverse community with a population of over 105,000, which works out to approximately 7,000 people per square mile. The racial makeup of Costa Mesa includes Latino, White, Native American African American, Pacific Islander, Asian, and numerous other races. Costa Mesa real estate for sale is found just under 40 miles south of Los Angeles and just under 90 miles north of San Diego, and is just under 16 square miles in size. Costa Mesa has fairly mild temperatures throughout the year, warm in the summer, rain during the winter. The median income for a household in the city was $50,732. The 55 and 73 freeways end in Costa Mesa, and the 405 freeway runs through the city of Costa Mesa.

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