Children and Fido-Friendly Home Design Tips

Posted by BanCorp Properties on Sunday, April 7th, 2019 at 10:06am.


Your family is in the process of upgrading your home, buy when you are blessed with young, rambunctious kids plus a playful canine, is it worth the risk and challenges that come with it? Just because you have kids does not lead to the fact that you can't have a stylish and luxurious living areas. It is all about finding that delicate balance between functional and fashionable. With that in mind, select materials and finishes that will stand up to test of time to the unavoidable messes that come with an active family. This includes wipeable paint for walls; durable, washable fabrics for furniture, such as denim and twill; and sturdy floors, such as tile or hardwood. And remember: the right textures, patterns, and colors can very easily disguise any stains.

Clutter is also inevitable, but well-placed  storage can make tidying up a piece of cake. Add bins to shelving units or buy a lift-up coffee table or chest. Even with these useful tips, keep in mind that no matter how carefully you plan, accidents will undoubtedly still occur - so it would be a wise decision to have an ample supply of stain remover and baby wipes at your disposal. Bit it is okay to get a little messy now and then - it is called "life".

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