By listening we can better serve our clients

Posted by Greg Steinaker on Tuesday, August 12th, 2014 at 12:40pm.

A company can’t secure their clients the results they are searching for if they don’t know what their clients are really looking for in the first place. This normally occurs when a company employs a group of talking Realtors instead of a group of listening real estate professionals. For a real estate company to be truly excellent they have to do more listening than talking and ask more questions as opposed to making more statements. A good real estate agent listens to the initial question, follows it with a clarifying question and only then makes suggestions and recommendations to their client.

What separates an average real estate broker from an excellent one? The best real estate companies will ask questions and then shut-up and listen. The ordinary companies will ask a question and then jump in and start yakking some brilliant statement about how great their company is before the prospective client even has the opportunity to answer the initial question. If a client is ready to buy a home, how can the Realtor know what the person is really looking for if they are always yakking and barking some “brilliant” statements about what awesome service they will give? An excellent Realtor is not unlike a waiter in a restaurant when they are taking an order. The person at the table tells the waiter exactly what they want and the waiter goes and gets it for them. If the waiter does their job correctly, everybody is happy and the waiter gets paid.

The bottom line is this: God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason. When a family is ready to buy or sell a home they are interested in their families needs – not the Realtors needs, and they can’t learn how the Realtor can meet their needs unless the Realtor knows what their real needs are. If the real estate agent spends all their time in the initial or second interview spouting off about how great their company is and how much better they are than the other companies, talking ninety-percent of the time, this should be a red-flag to go ahead and speak with another real estate company prior to signing any agreements.

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