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Posted by Greg Steinaker on Friday, January 17th, 2014 at 1:54pm.

Focused Intensity over Time multiplied by God equals unstoppable Momentum


FOCUS: There are two primary reasons management loses their focus. The 1st is fear. The 2nd is greed.

  • Fear will cause a company to lose its focus every time because they are looking at all the potentials for failure instead of concentrating on success.

When a company gets greedy they are taking their eyes off the good of their client and lose focusGreed will take a company out of the moment and into a sense of celebrating victories that have not yet been earned.

INTENSITY: Some people don’t think of themselves as intense until they find something that they care deeply about. They make the mistake of being intense for the wrong things (ever get cut off in traffic?).

  • BanCorp’s management is intentional in our intensity. Our intensity is purposefully directed at things that really matters and purposefully not directed at things that don’t.

TIME: Most people can focus if they concentrate. And most people can be intense for a while. Focused intensity at some level can be achieved by most people if and when they care enough about a certain outcome. However, few people can add the next element of the formula for very long – Time. BanCorp’s management has proven able to maintain focused intensity for long periods of time.

As a team at BanCorp we work our rear-ends off for 3 years and all of a sudden we are “an overnight success”. Amazing how these things happen. If we bust our humps for 3 year we probably are going to get “lucky” quite a bit.

GOD:  We are all finite. Our skills, abilities and talents have a limit. Wouldn’t our limited efforts as humans be multiplied by an infinite God?

  • If faith was added to the equation, wouldn’t it seem natural that our comparatively puny efforts as humans could literally explode with even an ounce of faith?

  • As a good lesson for life and for business, if we are trying to gain momentum in marketing, business, in our marriage,  in our physical condition, in our parenting… we take our best focused intensity over time and multiply it by God for unstoppable momentum.

BanCorp’s Theory of Momentum in Business: Focused Intensity over Time multiplied by God equals unstoppable  Momentum.



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