BanCorp’s management team leads from the front

Posted by Greg Steinaker on Thursday, January 16th, 2014 at 3:01pm.

Why BanCorp can be different and better in the Orange County real estate market at the same time:

The Bible says: “…a double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

In other words; a real estate professional who can’t make up their mind or make a decision is unstable, unpredictable and can cause ruin to the real estate transaction. A double minded Orange County real estate agent will not last long within the real estate community. BanCorp Real Estate Group’s Management will never allow our decisions to be swayed or be based on fear or intimidation.

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If we are doing anything that really matters in the Orange County real estate marketplace, meaning we are making a difference in our company, with our team-members, in our communities:  influencing the direction of our company we can absolutely count on criticism, because we are leading from the front, and we aren’t afraid of it – because it comes with the territory. Winner’s get criticized - talking trash in Orange County real estate is common

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At the end of the day – when all is said and done, fear of the gripes and complaints from do-nothing real estate people, with shallow responses from the opposition can’t keep BanCorp’s management from making the tough call - the decision. Right or wrong, and then standing behind it. If fear and gripes from do-nothing people shake us – we are no longer real estate leaders, and we are no longer being audacious in the Orange County real estate market.

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BanCorp Realty: The Orange County Real Estate Zephyr


From the desk of CEO Greg Steinaker

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